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#SurveyorKev: Back on the ladders in Scotland …

As we finally resume physical property inspections in Scotland, we catch up with Kevin Keane (#SurveyorKev) as he prepares to get back to the job he loves.

After weeks of speculation and preparation, we finally resume physical property inspections in Scotland on Monday.

We caught up with surveyor, Kevin Keane (aka #SurveyorKev) as he prepares to get back out into the community and do the job he loves. Having spent the past few months completing Remote Valuations, it’s finally time for Kevin to charge up his lone worker device, check his PPE supplies, and load his ladders into the car. So, how he is feeling?

I’m looking forward to going “back on the ladders” although the time since my last physical inspection has passed quickly. Of course, I am feeling somewhat twitchy but it’s just a bit like going back to school after the summer holidays – only this summer hasn’t been quite as fun! 

I am very confident, however, that the business has made appropriate decisions throughout this turbulent time, the fundamental concern being the health and safety of everyone involved.

Unlike many people, I’ve not been on furlough leave at any point so I’m already in ‘work mode’. But the lockdown has affected us all. I’m currently meant to be in Boston, USA. That said, Boston isn’t going anywhere so that trip is very much ‘to be continued’!  

Over the past few months, I’ve remained in contact with many of our clients and I know that everyone is looking forward to getting back to work, providing the great service we are known for. Our local estate agents are also feeling positive as they prepare for a busy restart to the market.

Today, I am busy preparing for Monday by ensuring I have all the relevant PPE, my tool kit is in working order, and I’m up to date with all the evolved company policies. Later this afternoon, I’ll be carrying out my normal ‘Pre Flight Checks’ and contacting the occupants of the properties I’ve due to visit on Monday, reminding them of what to expect, how to prepare, and offering reassuring about health and safety.

It’s been a while, but I am thrilled to be getting back to what I am passionate about”. 

Kevin Keane MRICS is a Walker Fraser Steele surveyor in Scotland

#SurveyorKev prepares his PPE
Final preparations in progress …
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