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Corporate clients

We’re committed to working with our customers to develop solutions that exceed expectations.

In 2016, we embarked upon the most ambitious IT overhaul in our history, investing heavily in technology designed to generate process improvements for our clients, customers and colleagues. As part of a commitment to growth through innovation, we will continue to work with our clients to explore and develop solutions that deliver value-added services to the industry.

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Mortgage valuations

As one of the UK’s leading providers of residential property risk services, we work closely with our corporate clients to develop products and services that meet the changing needs of the commercial landscape.


We have access to unrivalled market intelligence which we can use on behalf of our clients – perhaps unsurprising as e.surv undertakes a mortgage valuation for the UK lending community every 25 seconds.

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Remote valuation

With many mortgage lenders looking to improve the speed to offer, e.surv has developed a valuation solution that combines acuity with efficiency.

While the concept of non-physical valuations has been around for many years, e.surv has the requisite risk expertise, statistical rigour and service infrastructure to deliver a reliable and efficient remote valuation product.

We have developed bespoke technology and processes to support a distributed model, combining our nationwide coverage with local market knowledge, and underpinned by industry-leading technology and robust risk controls.

Fully integrated with our back office SurveyHub System, our iPad-based Remote Valuation app provides our valuers with seamless access to the same standard of comparable data required for a full inspection.

Panel management

e.surv has access to the entire UK residential Surveying market and works with lenders to design a Panel which suits their precise needs, ensuring that each firm on the panel meets our stringent operational requirements.

These firms supplement our service offering, are linked to our “SurveyHub” reporting systems, and are hand-picked, managed and monitored to ensure full compliance with both our service delivery objectives and Risk and Governance standards. Our Risk and Governance standards are extended to the panel firms.

Risk management

With a strategic focus on compliance and competence, we have invested heavily in a substantial Risk and Governance function to protect our clients, customers and colleagues, fortifying our existing risk management solutions and control measures, while continuing to meet the changing demands of the lending, surveying and valuation industries.

Underwriting and lending policy advice

We understand that every case must be viewed on an individual basis and that sometimes you’ll need more than just the basic information to help you make your lending decision.

Our extensive experience of supporting our corporate clients means that we understand your business and can offer best practice risk and valuation advice, translating lender policies into Guidance notes and report formats that reflect your specific needs.

Guidance on and sign-off of AVM policy

e.surv played an active part in the creation and development of the AVM (automated valuation model) concept. We are able to provide independent review and oversight of AVM Policy and offer advice on best fit integration models.

New build exposure reporting

We’ve developed a powerful database of new build developments within the UK.

By accessing this information, our clients are able to monitor numbers of instructions within developments to assist in managing exposure risk and updating lending appetite. The database also provides construction information for each of the developments.