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HomePlus (RICS Level 2) Home Survey

What is it?

A RICS Level 2 Survey is a survey designed for those who want a professional opinion of the condition of the main elements of a property. It will suit the vast majority of conventionally built properties, giving you enough information to make an informed decision and take action. It is unlikely to suit significantly extended or altered buildings, unique, older historic properties, or properties in a neglected condition.

e.surv’s standard Level 2 offering is the HomePlus Digital Home Survey which provides more benefits than a standard level 2. However, the traditional level 2 survey is available, if preferred.

What’s included?

What is a RICS Level 2 Home Survey Report?

The most popular survey type is the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Level 2 Home Survey Report.

e.surv offers the RICS Level 2, and has developed an alternative, fully digital version: the HomePlus Digital Survey. Your new home online.

Both these reports provide an in-depth analysis of the condition of a property and are used by potential buyers to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a home.


What does a RICS Level 2 Home Survey Report include?

The report provides detailed information on any major visible and non-visible defects that may affect the value or safety of the property, as well as any minor defects that may require attention in the future. The report includes advice on repairs and any maintenance that should be carried out, to ensure the property remains in good condition.

The survey does NOT include estimations on repairs costs. You may receive estimated costs per square metre, but you will NOT receive a bespoke costing for your specific repair needs. (The HomePlus Digital survey enables you to send the information to a Checkatrade business to obtain quotes for your specific repair.)

Your surveyor will also provide advice on any legal issues that may affect the property, such as boundary disputes or rights of way. They will also provide advice on energy efficiency and environmental matters, such as flood risk or subsidence risk.

Your surveyor’s advice may help you negotiate a better price for your purchase. This could potentially save you thousands of pounds in repair costs down the line if you were unaware of any major defects before making your purchase decision.

The e.surv RICS level 2 survey includes a property valuation.

The HomePlus Digital Survey does NOT include a valuation as standard (as most people do not need a valuation), but it is an optional extra.


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Why HomePlus Digital Home Survey

HomePlus Digital Home Survey vs RICS Level 2

Equivalent to Standard Level 2 Survey
Standard Level 2 Survey
Pre and post inspection call
Defects identified, with advice provided by RICs qualified surveyor
Highlights relevant legal issues
Market Valuation and Reinstatement Cost (Optional)
Report received via email, PDF for printing at home
Digitally Interactive report. User-friendly traffic light system that identifies repairs and issues by priority/urgency
Ability to enlarge photographs to view defects/issues in detail
Links to home improvement costs via vetted Checkatrade tradespeople and contractors
Easily send report sections to tradespeople for repair quotes and legal issues to your conveyancer
Energy Efficiency report – Understand energy use, carbon footprint and receive recommendations to improve energy efficiency
Neighbourhood Report included (local schools, amenities, crime rates and broadband provisions)
Knowledge hub, and home-owner resource links

What are the benefits of a HomePlus Home Survey Report?

The HomePlus Digital Survey is a fully interactive, digital report, delivered directly to, and accessible on, your device. It offers much more than the standard Level 2:

Defects and areas of concern are given a traffic light rating – so you can quickly review the “Red Lights”.

It includes Energy Saving Trust information about the property’s probable energy costs, carbon emissions, proposed energy improvements and their potential savings.

It also includes local area information, including schools, crime rates and broadband facilities.

There are links to Checkatrade tradespeople, so you can obtain quotes for any repair or maintenance work.

As the report is digital, you get instant access, and can move through the information more easily. You can zoom in on images, so you can see what the surveyor is reporting.

You access the HomePlus Home Survey online, so it is delivered quickly and directly. And when it is available, your surveyor will book a call with you to talk you through the main items and discuss any concerns.

To get an instant quote, visit the dedicated HomePlus website.

How much does a HomePlus or RICS Level 2 Home Survey cost?

The value is far greater than the cost. The cost of an RICS Level 2 Home Survey varies depending on factors such as size and value of the property being surveyed. However, typically the cost ranges from £400 – £800+. It’s important to remember that this cost is an investment in your future. By having all available information about your potential new home before committing to purchasing it, you can make sure you don’t end up with costly surprises down the line.

As a digital offering, the HomePlus digital survey costs less than the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 surveys.

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How does it differ from the RICS Level 1 Report?

The RICS Level 1 was formerly known as a condition report. It provides a basic inspection and report into the condition of a property. It is not as indepth as a Level 2 or Level 3.
Your RICS surveyor will NOT give their professional opinion or advice on issues, repairs or maintenance, as they would for higher level surveys. They will only report on the condition.
This is a paper-based/pdf report, and is not digitally interactive, unlike a HomePlus survey.

How does it differ from the RICS Level 3 Report?

The RICS Level 3 Home Survey was formerly known as a Building Survey. It does NOT include a valuation, but does provide a more comprehensive report, going into more detail. If required, the Level 3 may test services (plumbing, electrics, heating) and give an indication into the cost of repair work.

If your property is particularly old, or neglected, or significantly altered or extended, you may need a RICS Level 3 report – the Level 2 may not be adequate.
The Level 3 is a paper-based/pdf, and not a digitally interactive report.

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