Reaccreditation to ISO 9001 - e.surv Chartered Surveyors

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Reaccreditation to ISO 9001

At the end of a momentous year for our business, we are delighted to announce that e.surv has been successfully re-certified by the British Standards Institute (BSi) to ISO 9001: 2015, the globally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems. 

A quality management system is used to underpin our organisational purpose and is generally expressed in terms of the objectives, policies, processes, documented information, and resources needed to implement and maintain it. 

e.surv has successfully retained its certification to ISO 9001 standard since 1997, the benefits of which are manifold. For our clients, the standard is a demonstration of our commitment to quality of service and the objectives set out in our Purpose, Vision and Values. For our colleagues, it provides the quality framework in which to operate and an unequivocal set of standards to uphold. 

The BSi assessor was particularly impressed by the following aspects of our business, all of which are conserved to be areas of strength: 

  • The development of Purpose, Vision and Value statements via thorough engagement with employees
  • Strong use of key performance metrics and data to monitor compliance with the quality objectives 
  • A meeting schedule that provides a thorough and informative review of the business performance to support the delivery of the quality objectives.

Says Head of Risk and Audit, Shane Ross: 

‘Thank you to everyone who contributed to our success. This is yet more great news for e.surv, our employees, clients and customers, especially during the testing times we’ve endured in 2020. All too often, Quality Management and certification to a recognised standard are taken for granted. However, Quality Management is all-encompassing – from excellent customer service and continuous improvement to managing risk and identifying your interested parties. I am so pleased that for the 23rd year in a row, e.surv and its employees have shown the commitment and passion in customer service excellence needed for re-certification. This achievement complements our recent certification to ISO45001 and the continued certification to ISO27001’.